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May 2017

About the Cover:
Artistic Drywall’s Bernie Mitchell in front of one of his elaborate sculptors. Photo by Steve Grimes of Grimes Photo

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April 2017

On the Cover:

Master Interiors is booming in the Mid-Atlantic. The company’s Project Manager Jeff Faull and Site Superintendent Billy Gregory. Photo by Steve Michael, Multivista Construction Documentation

March 2017

On The Cover:

Ohio’s Valley Interior's (from L-R) CEO Mike Strawser, President Jeff Hudepohl and COO John Strawser. Photo by Chris Cone Photography.

February 2017

On the Cover
This month, W&C focuses on five women throughout the U.S. that share their experiences and wisdom on the industry. From top middle rotating clockwise: Kim DeBacco, Patti Paraschuk, Debbie Hauanio, Nora Degnan and Chris Pomeroy. Photo courtesy of USG.

January 2017

On the Cover
Professional Drywall Construction at the UMASS Project in Amherst, Mass. (From L-R, back row): Nick Shaink, Tom Pickreign, Rick Dermody, Mark Chevalier; (L-R, front row:) John Kendzierski, Eileen Bodeur, Mike Izzo, Ron Perry and Christian Bourdeau.

Older Issues...

December 2016

On the Cover
Gal Gadi of Triad Drywall shot in Atlanta. Photo by Anmarie Van Wetering, of DV Photo Video.

November 2016

On the Cover:

H.J. Martin and Son Inc. celebrate 85th anniversary with one of its most successful annual margins in recent times.

Row 1 (L-R): Joseph Martin, Edward Martin, David Martin
Row 2 (L-R): Jay Hussong, Tim Boland
Row 3 (L-R): Barry Christenson, Ray Racette, Tina Derner, Ron Racette, Craig Nero, Wyatt Tompkins
Row 4 (L-R): Graig Boyle, Joel Johnson

October 2016

On the Cover:

Trinity Drywall and Plastering Systems' Drywall and Plaster Superintendents Steve Johnston and Nestor Castillo. Photo by Ed Hiller.

September 2016

On the Cover

Acousti Engineering senior staff. The company recently installed decorative metal ceiling systems at Florida State University. Photo by Bob Perzel

August 2016

On the Cover

Grand Rapids, Mich.- based contractor Titan Interiors.
From L-R: Rudy and Muhamed Kadiric.

July 2016

On The Cover:

The Saint-Gobain Gypsum International Trophy Competition in Prague showcased 89 different projects from 35 participating countries. From L-R: Chris Chisholm of Tartan Interiors, Aaron Ensley of Oregon Interiors and Tim Vaughn of PARIC Corp. Photo taken by Franck Alasseur Photographe.

June 2016

On the Cover
Anning-Johnson staff at the College of Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta. (From L-R): Construction Manager Corey Bolden, Superintendents Donnie Medina, Stacy Peek and LeShay Grant. Photo by Lauren Jeffares.

May 2016

On the Cover
Sharpe Interiors of greater Los Angeles. Its executive staff (from L-R): Steve Sharpe, Keith Costanzo, Ryan Ramos, Jeff M. Bernards, Kenney Asmus and Fayez Zorob.

April 2016

On the Cover
Executive members of King Co. in New Orleans. (From L-R): Scott Geary, Cyd Geary, Andy Ander- son, Jeff Geary and Rob Mims. Photo by George Long Photography Inc.

March 2016

On the Cover
F. Richard Wilton Jr. of Virginia's executive team. (From L-R:) Bottom: Russell Winfree, Lewis Melton, Will Robbins, Gary Hoover Top Row: Taylor Brannan, Melissa Brannan, Scott Brannan

February 2016

On the Cover
Advanced Stucco is a Florida-based, industry leader in all things stucco. Its President Joe Brooks is this month's cover star. Photo by Brooke Trace.

January 2016

On the Cover
Kirk Giordano sits in the cen- ter of his family, also known as his colleagues, who have helped establish a well known presence on YouTube with their how-to videos.

December 2015

On the Cover:

Century Drywall at a recent job site project in Boston. Photography courtesy of joegreene- - Cyclone Interactive

November 2015

On the Cover

Tom Donnelly, owner of Donnelly Stucco. Photo by Cynthia Y. McCann.

October 2015

On the Cover:

Traditions Lath & Stucco Inc.'s owners, Joel O'Haver (left) and Jason Sweeney (right). Photo by Cynthia Y. McCann.

September 2015

On the Cover (From L-R):

F.L. Crane & Sons' Inc. would be Austin, Texas Division President Ron Molleur; Construction Technology Specialist Justin Robbins; Corporate President Mike Heering, and; Jackson, Miss., Division President Chip McAlpin. Photo credit: Cynthia Y. McCann.

August 2015

On the Cover

Part of our 2015 Top 50 Contractors, President Jeff Genova of New Image Drywall in Pueblo, Colo.

July 2015

Sands Drywall, based in Sioux City, S.D., continues its upward growth throughout the Plains. (From L-R) President Ryan Rademacher, CEO, Owner and Founder Greg Sands, and Vice President Jared Swenson.

June 2015

On The Cover:
Jason and Yamila Bertoniere on Canal Street, in New Orleans.

May 2015

On the Cover
The new Shake Shack in Las Vegas. From left to right: Estimator/PM Tim Michaels, Foreman Mike Singleton, and Superintendent Mike Morgan. Photos by Bob Perzel.

April 2015

On the Cover

Raymond Group's President/COO Jim Watson (L) and CEO Travis Winsor at the Pacific City Project in Huntington Beach, Calif. The owners of this project is DJM Capital Partners.

March 2015

On the Cover

Reitter Stucco and Supply staff at its Columbus, Ohio headquarters. (From L-R) Dustin Wilshire, Kyle, Fritz, Bobby and Jack Reitter.
Image by Rick Buchanan Photography.

February 2015

On the Cover

Legacy Specialties' Larry Thomas (L) and Daniel Bunn. Photo by Heather Cliff

January 2015

On the Cover:

James River Exteriors of Richmond, Va. (from L-R, back row): Shane Burnette (VP), Mike Chaney (President/Owner), Clay Butner, Brian Burnette (VP); (front row): Wayne Young, Ed Hunter and Paul Rafferty.

December 2014

On the Cover
Walls & Ceilings' 2014 Contractor of the Year: Lone Sun Builders. Project Manager Mason Karnas (left) and President Chet Karnas (right). Photo by Derek Stout.

November 2014

On The Cover:
Jerry and Brenda Reicks of JARCO, a large wall and ceiling contractor located in Sioux City, Iowa and Sioux Falls, S.D. Photo by Karen McConnell.

October 2014

On the Cover
Todd and Bob Heimerl of Mowery-Thomason Inc. Photo by Karen McConnell

September 2014

On the Cover
Walls & Ceilings' 2014 annual roundtable participants at this year's FWCCA convention in Orlando, Fla. From left to right: Charles Wiggins, Alec Mason, Kyle Bondurant, Scott Rollins, Adam Eckelbarger and Tom Thrift. Photo by Mark Taulbee Photography

August 2014

On the Cover
Austin, Texas's Structura Inc. is a specialty general contractor that has a wall and ceiling division. From L-R are Co-owners Russell "Rusty" Morgan and Kevin Jones.

July 2014

On The Cover:

The Saint-Gobain Gypsum International Trophy Competition in Berlin showcased 87 different projects from 33 participating countries. From L-R: GCCM Construction Services LLC's Owner Sy Safi, Capital Drywall Systems' Giovanni (John) and Lucia Criscione, Concetta and Francesco (Frank) Panaia, and Architect Clive Pohl of Pohl Rosa Pohl. Photo taken by Raphaela Schiller and courtesy of Behrendt & Rausch Fotografie GbR.

June 2014

On the Cover
Island Acoustics' Field Supervisor of Taping/Foreman James Damson, Vice President of Operations and Project Manager Matt Iacona and General Field Supervisor Russ Demri. Photo by Heather A Johnson Photography LLC.

May 2014

On the Cover
A few of W&C's Generation Next during the INTEX Expo in Las Vegas April 2-3. From left to right, Sergio Montoya from Baker Triangle, Garrett Vap from South Valley Drywall Inc., and Brian Exl from OCP Contractors. Photo by Karen McConnell.

April 2014

On the Cover
Dillon Construction Services work on the Unitarian Church of Charleston in South Carolina. (From L-R) DCS's Mark Hiers, Lance Dillon, Kirk Dillon and Hank Bauer.

March 2014

On the Cover
Recreation Development Co.'s Vice President Sonny Nelson (left) and Project Manager Spencer DeMille standing in front of Las Vegas's SlotZilla -- a slot-machine-themed tower with a direct applied EIFS application.

February 2014

On the Cover

Granite State Acoustics recently installed Armstrong ceiling systems to a new facility at Pinkerton Academy, in Derry, N.H.
(From L-R): Mike Mara, George Roy, Jim Duval, Eric Martel, Matt Whitman, Steve Henault, Tim Bouchard,
John Wyman, Jennifer Wyman
and Kathleen Brown.

January 2014

On The Cover:

Western Partitions applied 120,000-square-feet of Sto's fluid applied air/moisture barrier system and 55,000-square-feet of direct applied Sto Textured Coatings for the University of Washington Football Stadium Project. (From L-R) Western Partitions' Plastering Division Estimator & Project Manager Mike Campbell, Evergreen Building Products' President/ Owner Chris Burrows, and Western Partitions' Plastering Foreman Jeff Campbell. Photo by Leslie Lindskog.