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December 2020

On The Cover: The 2020 Restoration Industry Year in Review: The Year of the Unknown

October 2020

On The Cover: How to Manage Indoor Air Quality Amid COVID-19

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August 2020

On The Cover: Dioxins:
The Most Hazardous Substance in Structure Fire Environments

July 2020

On The Cover: How To Insure Your Virus Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

June 2020

On The Cover: The Unified Front in The Contents Industry(tm)

May 2020

On The Cover: Coronavirus Resources:
* Legal Contracts
* Safety + PPE
* COVID-19 + Company Culture

April 2020

On The Cover: Coronavirus Resources: Uniting the Industry to Serve the Greater Good

March 2020

On The Cover: Exploring New Heights of Thermal Imaging

February 2020

On The Cover:
Following the Fundamentals of Fire Restoration to
Save an Elementary School

January 2020

On The Cover: Burnout in the Restoration Industry: Effective Workload Management, Part 3.

December 2019

On The Cover: The Restoration Tech Age: 2019 Year in Review

November 2019

On The Cover: The State of the Restoration Industry in 2019

October 2019

On The Cover:

Lead Contamination in Structure Fires: Lessons learned from the Notre Dame Cathedral fire.

June 2019

On The Cover

Recognizing Women in Restoration: Special Section, p.12
Best of the Best 2019: Lori Young

May 2019


Sometimes Mold Remediation Is Really Complicated

March 2019

On The Cover: Appropriate Compensation in Today's Job Market

November 2018


HVAC Syndrome: Challenges and Opportunities

October 2018

On The Cover:
Chinese Drywall: Big Problem Yields Big Opportunity

September 2018

On The Cover
Turnaround: What it takes to save a failing business.

August 2018

On The Cover:

Toxic Exposure: Structure Fire Restoration

July 2018

On The Cover:
Path to Success: Franchise vs Independent

June 2018

On The Cover:
Best of the Best 2018

Recognizing Women in Restoration

May 2018

On The Cover:
The Legend of 3 Day Drying

Cleaning Structures for Chemically Sensitized Individuals

April 2018

On The Cover:
The Canary in the Coal Mine: Is Florida Ground Zero?

Cleaning Structures for Chemically Sensitized Individuals

March 2018

On The Cover:
Preventing Workplace Sexual Harassment

Numbers Don't Lie

Cleaning Structures for Chemically Sensitized Individuals

February 2018

On The Cover:
Indoor Air Quality Issue
* IAQ & Air Purification
* Cleaning for Sensitized Individuals
* Getting Paid for IAQ Work

January 2018

On The Cover:
Cleaning Structures for Chemically Sensitized Individuals

December 2017

On The Cover:
2017 Restoration Industry: Year in Review

Suppliers Directory & Buyer's Guide

November 2017

On The Cover:
Infectious Disease 101: YOU Create the Protocol

October 2017

On The Cover:
R&R Case Study Contest Winner

Challenging the Odds: When a Customer Gets Spooked

September 2017

On The Cover:
Insider Secrets to Getting Claims Covered and You Paid Faster

June 2017

On The Cover:
Recognizing Women in Restoration
Best of the Best 2017: Shelli Bagwell

May 2017

On The Cover:
Restoring Hattiesburg after a Deadly EF3 Tornado

March 2017

On The Cover:

Fentanyl Lab Cleanup & The Growing Need for Educated Remediators

February 2017

On The Cover:

Negotiation Strategies for Project Managers

November 2016

On The Cover:

The Impact of Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases in the Built Environment

October 2016

On The Cover:

Recognizing Women in Restoration
Best of the Best: 2016: Annissa Coy

September 2016

On The Cover:

A Restorer's Guide to Adding Bed Bug Remediation Services

August 2016

On The Cover:

The #1 Question on Contractor Pollution Liability
-- Occurrence vs. Claims-Made Policies --

July 2016

On The Cover:
A Tale of Time:
Helping a Third-Generation Hoarder

June 2016

On The Cover:

2016 Case Study Contest: Winner Revealed

165 Rooms Restored
4 Floors
80-Person Crew
Total Restoration Cost: $976,209

May 2016

On The Cover:

Contractor Connection: Pre-Show Issue

Special Section:

Prepping for Disaster
-- Case Study: Surrounded by Water
-- Paper Monster vs Paperless Office
-- Handling FEMA Claims
-- and MORE!!!

April 2016

On The Cover:

The Important Place of Mold Stain Removers in the Remediation Industry

March 2016

On The Cover:
The Superman of Restoration

Restoration Industry Association (RIA) Show Issue

February 2016

On The Cover:
Crime Scene & Forensics Restoration: Not for the Faint of Heart

December 2015

In This Issue:
2016 R&R Directory & Buying Guide

Old Stains, New Technology:
Testing lasers to clean the Oklahoma State Capitol.

October 2015


The Bright Future of Roofing Restoration

July 2015

In This Issue:

Hoarding Cleanup: Combining Compassion, Safety & Knowledge

June 2015

In This Issue:

Top Performers = More Jobs
Become The Top Performer on Any Grading System
Improve Tip and POMS Scores
Know & Manage Your Data Footprint

May 2015

Prepping For Disaster: The R&R Q&A

April 2015

On Target with Lead Abatement

RIA International Restoration and Industry Expo Show Issue

March 2015

Historical Restoration with Crushed Walnut Shells


Case Study CONTEST ... Get your submission in by April 1!

February 2015

The Ultimate Test of Loyalty

Is loyalty created by a business, or is it a virtue innate in those worthy of running a business for the owner?

January 2015

Truths, Myths and Liability of Misusing Disinfectants

May 2014

Cases of Spoiled Food, Stacks of Old Papers and ... Millions of Cockroaches:

A Hoarding Case Study

April 2014

Prepping for Disaster

With spring storm and Atlantic hurricane season approaching, is your business prepared for a likely increase in work?