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Floor Preparation Documents

It isn't as simple as fuzzy side up when a subfloor isn't properly prepared for its covering.  Learn more.

Moisture Vapor Emissions (MVER) vs. In-situ Relative Humidity Testing

Moisture-related floor covering failures are responsible for over $1 billion annually in damages. The problems range from cupping, buckling, blistering and adhesive failure to discoloration and mold growth. These issues can occur soon after the installation, and in some cases years down the road. 

Flatness and Levelness of Concrete Subfloors to Receive Resilient Flooring

For over 50 years, concrete floor surface tolerances were typically measured and described by the maximum gap allowed under a 10-foot (3-meter) long straightedge placed anywhere on the floor. This manual method was difficult, especially for large areas, and often results were deceptive, too stringent, and not reproducible. Clearly, a better measurement technique was needed.