Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring

RCC maintains the highest level of cork flooring by using only the most respected cork flooring manufacturers in the business.

Amcork, Expanko, and others have retained many of the production practices used for the past 100 years. We are the only company that offers such a wide selection of cork patterns and colors including true light, medium and dark shade tile. We set the benchmark for cork flooring products by helping you design the most appropriate products for your needs and to the highest standards possible. RCC Flooring and our manufacturers remain committed to quality and retention of the historical properties of cork flooring and will continue to lead the industry in this direction. Contact us today to request a cork flooring price or sample. We can help with your flooring needs for any size budget and project.

Our cork flooring products include pre-finished parquet tiles and pre-finished floating floor planks in many styles, patterns and colors. Also ask about our cork flooring underlayment, which brings structural resilience in the installation of tile flooring.

Recommended Manufacturers

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